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Me: (woken up from disturbed sleep on couch) Huzzat? Wha?
Baph: (rather peeved being as sleeping on couch is agreed to be prime insult to other person in relationship) Why the hell are you sleeping on the couch?
Me: (groggily) because there was a monster in the bathroom.
Baph: (suspicious and still peeved) A monster?
Me: yeah. A monster...
Baph: (walking away, disgusted) yeah, right, a monster. Whatever.

Baph: (on telephone) Oh, I killed the monster in the bathroom this morning.
Me: (eternally grateful and relieved) You did?! Oh thank god.
Baph: Yeah, he wanted to take a shower with me.
Me: Ugh, was he nice about it, or nasty?
Baph: Nasty. I was thinking, "no!! You don't get to shower with me! ONLY CASSANDRA gets that right!"
Me: UGH. *giggle*
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kids gone yesterday. [ profile] decrepit_doll didn't call me before so okay. Yeah, that kinda brought me down but everyone's telling me "that's probably a good thing..." and I know what they mean. Baph was feeling good. When he asked me about it and I told him, I tried to act casual but he still said "I'm sorry hon..." and you know that actually made me feel better.

We went to the Upstart show. Buncha bands playing but we're there to see Jem.
Jem was great... it was kind of weird because she has such a soft breathy voice and her band was totally tight but after a couple of songs, it sounded damned good. She did a cover of "Master Blaster" by Stevie Wonder and it was really good to hear. They also covered some song by The Stone Roses which was a fabulous end to their set.

Thing was, I started having a neck ache. It ws bugging me and bugging me. After about two hours, it turned into a major pain in the neck. So, okay. We decide to go to the ATM machine so Baph can pay cash for his alcohol. By the time we get to Kroger, I was started to just wish I could lie down. So I lay down in the backseat while he's in the store. By the time he got back, I knew this was serious. I took some Imitrex and sat down in the front seat with his hat covering my eyes.

For the next 45 minutes, I was in hell. Waves, very predictable and familiar waves, hit me over and over again. Even though I was crying and clenching my muscles, a part of me was fascinated by it all. There was the slim poker that would stab me from the base of my skull all the way to the back of my eyeball. Then, there was the icey-cold plates that crept around the sides of my head. There was the lead that was poured straight into my jawbone until it filled up and overflowed into my temples. Then there was the flamethrower that occasionally licked all around my brain. Every now and then I was pretty sure my brain was being squeezed out my chin.

Like I said, it was weirdly fascinating. I got the idea that creatures from another dimension were attempting to gain entry into my skull and thus were trying different methods to crack it open. Of course, it wasn't working so every attempt meant someone else would say "you're doing it wrong, what you need to do is hold the flamethrower like this before you turn it on, here let me show you" then another alien would pipe up with "No, I realy think we just didn't pour enough lead into her jawbone, ya gotta make sure it's loaded up properly" so another one butts in with "aw what do you know? I'm telling you the poker will work! Heat it up and let ME have a try with it!"

I assume that argument was weirdly entertaining to them as well.

After 45 minutes and two tylenol later, my head clears up and I'm sitting with a head full of medication and leftover endorphins. Nice feeling!

I practically floated on air I was feeling so good. That whole "yeah but once the pain's gone see, that's why I do it" kinda made sense to me then. Only kinda. I giggled, I was languid, I ate, I laughed, I laid down on the grass and enjoyed the music. It was grand.


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