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it's been a long time so I cleaned up my friends list. If I took you off and you think I shouldn't have, then comment here. I probably took you off because I didn't recognize your username and I think we don't actually know each other.
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I attend Georgia Perimeter College with financial aid. I accept that I must wait until after classes begin before I receive my aid monies - I have to borrow privately in order to pay for the classes then Financial aid will allow me to repay the private loans.
What I do NOT accept is my specific college forces all students to receive their aid through a for-profit financial institute (Higher One) regardless of whether they want an account with that institute or not. I do not want to wait an extra week to receive my monies. I should not have to but if I submit forms for direct deposit into my existing bank account (not Higher One) then I must wait for the college to release the funds to HO, then HO releases the funds to the Federal Bank who then wires the funds to MY bank. This on top of the fact that Ga Perimeter College disburses my semester monies in two payments over the course of two weeks - which turns into four weeks from the time the funds are released to the college. I understand everyone wants to hold onto the money for a while in order to get interest on it all but this is MY money and *I* am the one who is responsible for repaying it. I should be able to direct how that money comes to me and where it goes. I should not be forced to open an account with a financial institute not of my choosing. Especially considering Higher One has nothing but complaints for their fees and lack of customer service. This is abominable.
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I love movie quote games. so I made a new one. The following are all from animated movies.

So she says, "Uh-uh, You don't have a challenge, you need a challenge." So now I'm challenged, all right- I'm challenged to HOLD ONTO MY LUNCH MONEY! because of all the big mooses who wanna pound me, 'cause they think I'm a shrimpy dork who thinks he's smarter than them! nut I don't think I'm smarter, I just do the stupid homework! If everyone else JUST DID THE STUPID HOMEWORK, they could move up a grade and get pounded, too! Is there any more coffee?

A: Head down!
B: Head down!
A: Arms in!
B: Arms in!
A: Knees apart!
B: Knees apart!.. wait, knees apart?

A: What's happening here?
B: We're both in barrels. That's the extent of my knowledge.

Ah, you're awake. I was hoping you'd cry out in your sleep, then I would have bitten your head off to silence you

Won't they be impressed, I am a ge-ni-us! See how I transform this old rat inTO a most deLIGHTful hat!

A: Well, you know, whatever kind of food comes out of a wazoo, I really don't think we're interested in eating.
B: I don't know. The guy's making a lot of sense to me. I think we should listen.
C: Yeah. I'm okay with wazoo food there.
A: No, you're not!

A: Nothing. Just... a little trouble with daddy
B: You mean Dad's in trouble, or Dad is the trouble?
A: I mean, either he's *in* trouble, or he's *going* to be.

There's nothing sadder than a puppet without a ghost, especially the kind with red blood running through them.

Nobody cares for you anymore. You're tarnished and you're filthy.

A: Shut up! Don't order me around!
B: We were just worried.
A: Why do you always have to try and save me? I could handle it on my own. Yeah, I admit I've gotten beaten before, but I won't always be on the receiving end, you hear that? You understand?

B: what did you say?
A: I said, NO. I'M. NOT! I hate that cold house on the hill! And how I was always hungry, AND HOW YOU BEAT ME!
B: He's lying!
C: Shut UP!
A: NO! not this time....

A: don't believe me?! You can ask the cat!
B: the... cat...? [gulps] Okaaaay I think I'm just gonna go
A: You're. Not. LISTENING!
B: Thats. Cuz. You're. CRAZY!

A: You are secretly funny.
B: Not a stick in the mud?
A: W-well I was...
B: Say it.
A: Co...
B: Say it.
A: All right... You're not exactly...
B: I can't hear you, I'm sorry. What?
A: ...a *complete* stick DEEP in the mud.

A:Ow! Excuse me, pardon me.
B: Excuse me, pardon me.
C: Look mommy. Another turkey.
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our dimension/universe is limited because one of the dimensions we perceive but cannot master is that of movement. Numbers are static, the closest we come is functions but we have to translate them in terms of numbers. This is the base of innumeracy - that most people have severe difficulty perceiving movement conceptually. We label movement in terms of points as if objects were existing from one place to the next however this is not accurate. It is, however, the closest most people come to grasping movement. Zeno's paradox is a perfect example of this particular innumeracy - the attempt to translate movement into points of stasis shows the broken translation.
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There is no proper height for this chair and desk combination

I like the burn from the driveway but it's even better backwards

Why do I plan to be lazy and never actually accomplish it?

How guilty can plastic make YOU feel?

Pop-in or pop-out, it's still funnier than a turkey

Questions to ponder:
Can I wedge my words into your mind without leaving a shadow behind in my own?
Is there an island somewhere in your body that makes all the candy taste better?
What are the odds of acceptance?


Dancing for fun is hardly ever done right, because there's usually an ulterior motive

Mental gymnastics are not required for honesty, motivation or emotions. They are, however, useful for explanations of such. Try being more visual.

I'm going to the bank and I'm not going head'splodey. I'm going to be responsible and I'm not going to dress the part. I'm going to touch something inside me that cries out for attention. I'm going to relax by getting excited. I'm going to wave my magic hands and something will BECOME ALIVE!!!!!

Are you willing to read what doesn't speak loudly? Can you wrap your mind around a telephone pole of wisdom? What's the next step in your imaginary world? Have you answered the call-to-battle or are you the kind who paints with gallons of incandescent hues instead?


Time is up for scanning. This entry was brought to you by the past. Everything you believed before you started is now changed, if only by your reaction, if only a tiny bit. Measuring the distance between your individual nature and someone elses intentions is clearly called for. The one truly terrifying thing to remember is "every man has his reasons" - change that to neutral if you like but it still can be scary.
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Son Number One stacks his presents up neatly, receiving each one with an amused murmur "wow. Thanks. That's cool" before putting them in the growing stack with embarrassment. He is obviously enjoying watching others open their present more than opening his own. A personal realization hits me: he is like me; embarrassed by his own inability to express gratitude. Saying "thank you" seems so paltry he'd rather just avoid the whole scene. I know he wishes he could open his stuff in private.

Son Number One-and-a-half receives his presents with growing amazement; he has received the same number as the other children. His "take" is no less than anyone elses (given that one of the presents can only be enjoyed by him and SNO). His face goes from strained patience to childish wonder and I am reminded that even at sixteen, he is still a little boy and all little boys and girls love to get presents.

Son Number Two gathers up his presents and attempts to carry them all at the same time downstairs. Offers of assistance are resisted. His arms are full and he cannot carry everything because his presents are all action figures and DVDs but he won't take the action figures out of the boxes yet. He wants to open them a special way downstairs... the anticipation is palpable as he tries to hurry off with his stuff. It is laughingly obvious that what he wants to do is impossible: all the presents cannot be carried by any one person while still packaged. Rather than getting frustrated, he becomes amused at his own bumbling and allows me to help him carry his booty to the stairwell. Anticipation cannot be denied, however, and he doesn't even get to the bottom step before he is setting up the boxes to be opened on the stairway. Baph tells him he may NOT clutter the stairway with his toys and PLEASE take them downstairs! He is laughing at himself as he says "okay okay!" and starts taking them one by one in a certain order down the stairs. I can hear him talking to himself about how to open the boxes once he is finished carrying them.

Son Number Three cannot decide what to play with first. He jumps from toy to toy babbling all the while. Each present fits into his imaginary world scenario Kell Payne: man of mystery! and thus he tries to fashion a storyline with each toy involved. Jumping from scene to scene as well as from toy to toy he cannot keep a linear plot and he knows it. For once, he does not care if someone is listening to him or not - the story can go on and on in many directions all at once today.

I love my family.
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1: If I won't go downstairs and kill a spider cricket, what makes you think I'm going to rob a bank for you?
2: there's no bugs involved.
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I once had a electronic dictionary. It allowed us to put in our own words and definitions. Unfortunately, the batteries died before we had written them all down and the only word I recall is:

Insignignorant -"insignificant" + "ignorant"

See, the rule was it had to be a mix of two words blended together to make a new word that had a realistic (practical) definition.

I'm hoping if other people give me some of theirs, it might jog my memory for the other "lost" words.

Help me out.
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I'm going to Witchita.... the Salvation Army couldn't hold me back. After all, I'm the owner of a lonely horse.

Save us from the ball and chain, ah yes, the demons and the powerful trains.
I feel you... within my fines, you take me here, you take me there, my kingdom come... this is the mourning of Anna, this is the growing of Anna. ...We're going west, inside of vests, you lead me to oblivion... this is the mourning of Anna, this is the growing of Anna.

When you wish upon a dream, life ain't not but what they say, oh yeah. Wash your seams and lines so clear, in the skies so pearly dear.

What's that? Two felts, gearing closer, gearing closer. Let them bleed me, let them wonder if I lie.

She's so funky, ah. She's so funky, ah. Hands play with lockies, lockies lay with chains. Chains pays with witty and witties hoppy again.

But don't despair... my monkey's down with the sickness.
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Someone in Australia is doing research on the families of Autistic children. I thought it was a pretty good survey and it's kind of nice that for once a research actually gives a shit how family members are affected.

So here is the essay part of the survey )
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