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I didn't do ANYTHING against your TOS nor did I offend anyone. I used no curse words, I did not say anything suggestive or even mildly sexy. My pictures were all of me and there is no nudity (I don't even OWN any nude pics of myself) I was in pleasant contact with three different people which was nice bcause I'd only been an upgraded member for two days. I didnt' even have TIME to do anything horrible.

EVEN if I had, how the fuck can you justify banning people who PAID YOU FOR MONTHS IN ADVANCE without warning or notification or anything??

And from what I've read, you NEVER answer emails.


I PAID YOU EIGHTY DOLLARS for EIGHT MONTHS of service. You broke that agreement. So tomorrow I'm going to the bank and I'm reversing the charges. My bank (which is a credit union) will actually open an investigation and you'll have to tell them why you decided to break the contract YOU agreed to.


I have never been so angry at a website before in my life.
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but I have to say I'm getting kind of tired of the CONSTANT push for donations on Facebook. Every time I turn around its a new crowd-source plea. And most of them, while perfectly decent and acceptable, aren't even close to being dire. Yes, cool I understand, the only way to get funds in crowd-sourcing is to make the pitch in social media but COME ON. I do not want to fund every new cool idea you come across. I've actually got real life friends who are afraid of becoming homeless and I'm being bombarded every day by more requests for crowd-sourced funds. Not only that but there are some real legitimate charities who always need funds too.

Give it a rest people.
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So the other night, I was hanging out with J (in a rare evening of camaraderie) and somehow he ended up asking me "how can you be a butch and still be with men?"


"I'm a butch with women," I said, "but with men, I dunno, I'm not exactly femme but you don't have to be when you're with a man. I like people for people, I fall in love because of what I see inside people, but sex? Eh, its different depending on who I'm with. I guess that's part of what I love about it."

So I start looking things up and doing research (remember I'm writing a paper soon but I'm also reading "Stone Butch Blues") and realize... I'm genderqueer. Always have been. Never thought much about it though. Because when the rest of the world is pre-occupied with your freakishness, how you express gender doesn't seem to matter anyway. Why should I be concerned about acting "feminine" or not? Why should I bother trying to be "pretty" or "cute" or a myriad of other superlatives that equate with physical beauty? I'll never look anything like the people who are considered "attractive" and nothing, not even surgery will change that. Ever. I've known that all my life. So I never thought about it like that. I express my sexuality and my sensuality however I feel "right" and whether it "fits" or not won't matter in the slightest.

Yes, many of my friends have seen me in a dress, skirt, makeup, the whole made-up nine yards. I even like dressing up that way. I like being "prettified" sometimes just as I like having a vase of flowers on the central table of the room. Its nice. But I'm not going to pretend the flowers will hide the mess in the corner or erase the faded upholstery on the chairs. Prettified is only one little bright spot on an otherwise mundane landscape. Its also temporary. There's nothing wrong with temporary brightness, either, but its foolish to think its the totality of the room.

So Sometimes I wear a dress, skirt, make-up even sexy stockings perhaps. Other times I toss on my favorite t-shirt and a pair of tight skinny jeans over my industrial grade working boots, slick back my hair and adopt a swagger in my walk. Sometimes I wear a party dress and my working boots with a swagger. Sometimes I wear a tuxedo jacket with shorts and satin ballet slippers and fishnet tights. Its not even that I don't give a fuck what people think: I do care what people think. But I don't necessarily adopt their definition of what I should look like. Because I lost as soon as I stepped out of the gate so I'm in no hurry to pretend I'm gunning for the finish line anyway.

more here
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I actually like facebook - its simple and easy to share websites, articles and news with friends. not to mention George Takei's picture memes.
But OMG every day it gets more and more soapboxy. I'm really getting fed up with it.

Yes, yes, I know, everyone's allowed to post whatever the hell they want on FB. But I'm sick of being bombarded with people's political, religious, parenting, and conspiracy views ALL THE DAMNED TIME.

I swear when I first got on there it was mostly people sharing web related stuff and posting pics of their kids. Telling funny short stories and relating basic ideas of what they are doing in their lives. Now apparently no one just LIVES any more they march around with signs screaming about pet issues.

Don't get me wrong, i've used it for pet issues occasionally too. BUT I swear to god some people spend precious hours of their life LOOKING for more shit to post about their pet issues. Now I expect that from the couple of anarcho-paranoid friends I have. Sure, they think the whole world is out to get them and enslave them or whatever so they go looking for more evidence of that. But in the last six months I've also had to "hide" the posts of people who
  • post incessantly about their DOG (including videos of his "first real bark!!")
  • brag about how nasty they treated someone based on their looks (they did this CONSTANTLY)
  • talk about being violent against political opponents
  • post nothing but zen-ish "serenity" crap and then get offended if I point out that its unrealistic advice
  • find news articles about racism no matter how unsubtantiated, dated or otherwise suspect (not to mention trivial. and yes, posting about some lone 80yr old racist man who sneered at someone in church even though the rest of the WHOLE TOWN repudiates that one man is IMHO trivial. Yes, racism exists. I know there are still racist people around, especially in deep south. No shit sherlock)
  • post about the ONE TRUE PARENTING (that includes the ONE TRUE PREGNANCY and the ONE TRUE CHILDBIRTH)
  • post about the ONE TRUE DIET
  • post about how "evil" some methodology or philosophy is when they obviously don't know ANYTHING about said
  • post about the ONE TRUE VIEWPOINT on the disabled
and the worst offense of all? People who post articles/essays without actually taking a minute or two to cogitate what said piece is ABOUT. I gave up expecting anyone to cross-check the veracity of anything anymore. I appear to be one of the FEW people who do that. and even I've been fooled before and had to delete stuff. That's why I'm extra careful about posting incendiary stuff. I've gotten into more arguments with "friends" about stuff that was posted before they bothered to actually look up that shit. It's gotten OLD.

yes, I'm done with all that.

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I have absolutely no love for Santorum but I REALLY EFFING HATE when he's referred to as "frothy". Its not funny. Its frickin disgusting.

I didn't like it when right-wingers gave Obama a plethora of dumb and offensive names, why would I think its okay for Santorum, a man who has children, to be called something so vile?

And that meme of his picture made up of a pastiche of pictures of gay men? Not disgusting at all but not funny either. I do not agree with the man's religious or "moral" views at all but that doesn't mean I'm going to deface his picture and/or disrespect his views in such a manner that he would be horribly offended by. Good fucknig gawd people grow up.

If you can't grow up, then don't bitch the next time right-wingers are disrespectful of some politician from 'our side'
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Why having a child with a disability is not like being sent to Holland.

This parable bothers me. It bothers me a lot. While it is certainly uplifting, it makes me uncomfortable, because it denies a central and in my mind, undeniable fact about the experiences parents of children with life altering difficulties face: It is much harder and more difficult to parent a child with a disability than it is to parent a neurotypical child with no health challenges.

In my mind, a more accurate analogy would be this:

Imagine planning a trip to Paris for you and your partner. You get your guidebooks, your luggage, your wardrobe and your plane tickets. You research everything about Paris so you'll be ready when you arrive. You make make reservations. You talk with friends and family about their wonderful trips to Paris and how much fun they had. The two of you talk everyday about how much you want to go to Paris and how amazing it's going to be when you get there.

You get on the plane and take off. Suddenly, without explanation, the plane is diverted. Then at 5000 ft you and your partner are yanked out of your seats, strapped into parachutes you only vaguely understand, and tossed out the door.

Some how you manage to make it to the ground.

At first, you just sit, clinging to one another, checking to see if you have any broken bones. Once you're done thanking god that you're still alive, you dust yourselves off and look at the terrain. You look at each other and reassure one another that you're going to get out of this place.

Your first few days in the desert are exhausting. Just getting your basic needs met feels overwhelming. You feel alone, terrified and honestly- You're not sure if you're going to make it. Sometimes you fight, not because either of you is doing anything wrong- but because you're both tired and frustrated, there is sand everywhere, not enough water and there is no one else to yell at.

After many days of struggle, you finally make it to a village. The first thing you find out when you arrive, is that this settlement is made up of people who also got dumped out of a plane. This is what they tell you:

We are on the moon!
No, this is Arizona.
No, we're in the Australian Outback!
It's the airlines fault.
No. It's the flight attendant who pushed us out.
Oh! Another passenger pushed me out. How did that crazy person get past TSA?
There is no hope of rescue.

Wait! There is a rescue effort underway.

There is an 80% chance you and your treasured partner are going to crumble under the strain of this experience.

No, you won't, this experience will make you stronger!

The desert is a gift!

No, it's not. It's a war and war is hell!

Trying to make sense of this, you look around and say, "How did this happen? What made our plane go off track, when all the other planes made it to their destination just fine? If only we'd flown on a different airline. Who is right? Are we going to end up divorced or not? Is there a rescue party coming? Why are all of you talking at once?

Everyone in the crowd starts to shout LOUDER. Their voices jumbling into a unintelligible cacophony . Then, it dawns on you that maybe there are no right answers, because no one really knows. This is more terrifying than any answer you could have heard.

So despite being overwhelmed, despite struggling for the basic necessities and despite not knowing how you got there, you get on with the business of living your life. It's hard. It makes you angry, not at anyone in particular, just angry because it wasn't supposed to be this way. There are moments when the absurdity of it all makes you laugh. You and your partner discover that there are gorgeous sunsets in the desert and here, the stars shine with crystalline clarity. You smile a little more often and you realize that going to get water every day is doable once you know where the water hole is. You're scared sometimes, yes, but not as often as when you first landed. There are days when you wake up and wonder how you are ever going to make it through. At times, you're lonely for all the friends you had who went to Paris. Sometimes you don't recognize this person you're becoming or the person your partner has transformed into.

The desert is your new normal and once it becomes familiar, it's more understandable. You know which plants are poisonous, how to get sand out of your sleeping bag and how to be patient when your partner is screaming "ALL I EVER WANTED WAS A CROISSANT!" The path to the water hole is well worn. You learn how to handle your own meltdowns and you figure out that there are some wonderful people here in the village. Your skin gets toughened by the sun, and you realize you don't need Starbucks to get through the day.

Sometimes at the end of the day, as you gaze up at the endless sky, you wonder, "What would Paris have been like?" But then you realize that the desert has become your home- and you wouldn't give it up for the world.

Rhyannon Morrigan(c)2011
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I like xmas. I'm not a christian and never plan to be one but so far as I see it, xians don't have a hegemony on giving gifts, eating rich fattening foods and loving on their families. So, if you have some sociopolitical beef with the holidays, do me a favor and put it behind a cut. No amount of arguing is going to shake my love of the holiday season. Yes, there's all kindsa negative potential in the holidays but so fucking what? Xmas, like any other holiday, is what you make it. If you want to give gifts, and enjoy the special feeling that comes with making someone smile, great! if you want to sit in your lonely apartment, drink a bunch of liquor and mutter "bah humbug!" at the world, don't let me stand in your way. But don't act like anyone is "ruining the true meaning of the holidays" for you. No one is holding a gun to your head and making you say "season's greetings!" and no one is twisting your arm to make you dress up like santa. If you don't like the symbolism or the commercialism or the history or whatever gets your goat about OTHER PEOPLE'S enactment, then don't participate. I have a great holiday every year despite other people trying to rain on the seasonal parade. THere are things I do from tradition and things I do not. I don't hold the rest of society responsible for how I choose to celebrate.
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when certain types of people make snide cracks about legal gun owners being scary, you are essentially saying that even though we FOLLOW THE LAW you equate us with criminals. If I register my gun, get my lisence, follow the rules and laws then WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM GOING TO SUDDENLY PULL OUT MY GUN AND SHOOT YOU UNLESS YOU ARE THREATENING ME? DUH. I am a reasonable, rational person. That is why when I decided to get a gun I learned what I needed to learn and did what I was supposed to do. Criminals do not have this regard for "the rules" - kind of related to their being, ya know, CRIMINALS. So those of us who LEGALLY own guns are NOT the people you need to be afraid of. Its fucking retardedly ass-backwards to say so. And you accuse us, the people who consciously decide to own a tool of self-defense as "living in fear"?!

Parse that a second... the person who decides to get an alarm system for their house is "living in fear" but their friend who makes constant comments about that alarm system magically going off and therefore resulting her false imprisonment is NOT the one who is obsessed or paranoid? Who is really living in fear? The person who owns a gun or the person who assumes anyone with a gun is going to kill them?

YES accidents happen. Stupid people abound. This can be said for automobiles as much as guns. But I do not see the same people regarding car owners with fear and condescension.

(my husband has a motorcycle, I do not want a motorcycle. I do not however make snide remarks to him or any other cyclist just because I personally do not want a motorcycle. Yet motorcycles kill people every day. And somehow I am not assuming everyone on a motorcycle is looking to get into an accident and kill me)


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:16 pm
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you can be scared of guns. Hell I'm scared of roaches. Lotsa people are scared of riding in a car. Being scared of guns doesn't bother or surprise me.

But please, stop labelling all gun-holders with "omg they are teh crazy"

If a person owns a gun for personal security, they carry it so they can have it if they need it. That does not mean they carry it just itching to USE it. If they are itching to use their gun, they carry it to the range. Gun owners do not carry their guns because they can't wait to shoot someone. Do you carry a fire extinguisher in your car and you can't wait to use it? Drive around looking for a fire? Intend to start a fire in your car JUST so you can use it? Hell maybe squirt a few rounds for the hell of it? Think about squirt fire extinguisher yucky stuff at innocent bystanders? Take it out during parties so you can let loose on the general public?

Come on people.... hysteria doesn't help anything.

Yes, I have a gun in my house. No, I do not intend to pull it out of its locked box for any reason other than 1)maintenance 2)going to the range to keep my skills up 3)in the horrendous but unlikely event I feel threatened enough to have need of it.

I own an axe too. I do not intend to use it on anyone but if I was cornered in my garage you can sure as hell bet I'd run straight to it and use it. I do not keep my axe where little children can get a hold of it. I have instructed my kids with safety rules concerning dangerous objects such as axes, scythes and lawnmowers. And despite the fact that I think chopping wood is kinda fun and good exercise, I do not pull my axe out after having a few beers and start swinging at other folks' heads. Because I'm not a psychopath and I'm also not a moron. Like most people who also own axes.
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there's a huge industry based on profiting from parental guilt.

In this society, the fact is, most cannot realistically have their baby and feed it too; going back to work and putting baby in daycare is a source of guilt and anxiety because it feels wrong to leave the bulk of care to someone else. Yet the aftermath of behaviorism is still resonating. Supposedly everything you do will have ever-lasting effects that could possibly scar your child for life. Saying "no, you must bow to the needs of the rest of us" feels wrong because its a baby and cannot understand but more importantly, it underscores the helplessness we all feel about our social predicament. We are mired in the constrains of our culture to over provide lest our shortcomings cause "irreparable damage"

The fact that so many children survive and thrive despite dire poverty, lack of cultural exposure, and undereducation and even sometimes abuse/neglect seems to have been swept under the rug. Of course the fact that a negative environment isn't guaranteed to damage is not an endorsement of same but turning a blind eye to that truth pushes the behaviorist agenda.

The true irony of the situation is that although Watson's dismal failure with his own children helped loosen the iron grip of regimented childcare, the leaning of "nurture" over "nature" had become entrenched. Dr Spock was considered "soft" in his day because he advocated for parental instincts overriding scientific assertions and contended "you cannot spoil a baby" - a direct contradiction of behaviorists even as it agreed with the basic tenet of "what you do affects your child greatly"

So although today's modern child psychologists do not agree with the originators of behaviorism it is not that they disagree with the "whether" you can permanently indent your child, but the "how" you do so.

The very notion that children are resiliant, adaptable and have their own individual natures predisposed seems to still be ignored despite major advances in evolutionary pschology. Its astounding how far behind sociology and adult psychology child psychology lags but it does and always has.

Parenting brings a lot of guilt and anxiety as it stands in our culture and rather than find ways to mollify this negativity, science has capitalized on it and deepened it.

I'm sure a large part of that stems from the atomic age as well. Living under such a dire threat that creates a sense of impotence will turn any person,, no matter how secure and serene towards that which is controllable. and in the end, the one thing that is ultimately the most controllable aspect of life is parenting. Parents were clamoring for ways to "modernize" parenting in the atomic age and they got it. In order to circumvent a parents natural tendancy to use instinctual methods and build upon familial history, science became "authorities" on child-rearing (and childbirth even! ponder that for a second) and used natural basic guilt and anxiety (two tools "designed" by evolution to keep parents on-the-job and aware of their actions thus creating mindful parents that evolve as well) to push their theories and modes upon everyone.

Its everywhere; the media plays upon it, entertainment plays upon it, professionals play upon it, even legislators play upon it. Everyone is ready to tell parents how to "not fuck up their kids" and everyone is figuratively sitting in the wings ready to inject more guilt and anxiety at the slightest sign of parental infraction. And parents, true to their nature, fall for it because evolution has conditioned them to do so.
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First, a link:

Penis Love in a bottle

Second, a continuation:

The day before yesterday I posted a lengthy no-holds-barred (well okay yeah I didn't cuss... I was feeling erudite n'shit) generalized rant about popular American Culture and how mean-spirited it can come across to those of us who don't fit the mold.

That was only half of what I wanted to say. What follows is the second half.

Dear Individual Americans from my past,

I want to take this moment to truly place the blame for my condition where it belongs. It was you, oh mostly anonymous people from my past, who are to blame for me turning out the way I have. Because of a huge assortment of mostly anonymous (to me) people, I am who I am today.

To all the people who took me in when I was a baby, while my birthmother was AWOL and my father was on the road, be assured that I have been affected by your treatment of me. I don't remember any of you, I surely don't know your names or where you are but I do know that without you, I wouldn't have the present instant trust issues that I have were it not for your caring of me during that critical time in my development. Whenever someone accuses me of being too trusting, too quick to embrace a stranger's POV, I blame you people for that. After all, if you strangers (to me) had not taken me in, a tiny toddler with absent parents, and loved me, cared for me and looked after me, I might have become distant, mistrustful and frightened of strangers. I might have ended up with a healthy xenophobia like the rest of the country. It is your fault I am ready to believe and trust strange people.
It is your fault I make friends so quickly and easily too. If I had not been carted around, introduced to friends and family and integrated into your own families, as if I were your precious baby instead of the strange burdensome white kid that I actually was, I might have ended up believing myself to be unimportant, unloved and unwanted, thus becoming too alienated from people to actually attempt to form bonds and open my heart to others. It is your fault I am so ready to like people: too much love and caring went into your fostering of me and now to this day I believe people are willing to like me and accept me. Too often I am right and too often do I discount when I am wrong. Thus I know it was your heinous influence upon my spirit that allows me to approach total strangers in certain settings in order to socialize with them and enjoy the experience. As for the exploitation of this "talent" by my friends who were usually too shy to approach others and form bonds, I blame you for this as well. Therefore, there are quite a few people from my past who were also affected by your influence upon me. Many people benefitted from your teaching me how to be "brave" and friendly and went on to gain friendships and close bonds because of my ability to connect others socially and I'm sure they too blame you for those social bonds that I began. They are quite well aware of this, so there's no need for them to chastise you personally, but I thought I'd mention it on their behalf.

To the teachers and volunteers from my grade school, know that I remember you (even your names!) and think of you often whenever I get excited about learning something new. It is your fault I have such a profound curiousity and am unafraid of uncovering new information. It is also your fault I have such a boundless thirst for knowledge that is intangible and multi-dimensional. Because of your constant prodding, pushing and praising, I cannot stumble upon anything new or unknown without furiously pursuing more. Because of your bizarre approach to teaching, I cannot be satisfied to let my brain calcify and degrade, even at 40 years old! Rest assured I know how influential you were to my never-ending quest for understanding as well. If it were not for your belief that all children want to learn and your insistance that children can learn best by non-standard methods such as "open-classrooms", "peer mentoring" and "voluntary scheduling" I would not have this wholistic belief in the power of environmental learning. Without your exhaustive work in presenting myriad forms of learning-through-play I doubt I would have such enjoyment whenever I discover something unknown to me. It is your fault I research so relentlessly everything I find dubious and enjoy doing so. It is your fault I never want to stop discovering things and it is your fault I have so much fun finding out what I don't know especially from other people.

To the children who went to all those private schools with me, know that I remember most of you (yes, names too!) and I remember how kind and accepting you were to me, the freak. It is your fault that I often forget how feakish I look and expect equal treatment from people. It is your fault I believe such equal treatment nearly always comes and conveniantly forget how often it does not come. Because of how nonchalantly you accepted me into your circles and made friends with me, I am the accepting person I am today. Of course I sometimes get angry because other people sometimes cannot be as accepting and friendly as you were with me and for that unreasonable reaction, I blame you too. Since the bulk of my formative years were spent with people and children who were encouraged to see the similarities within us and celebrate the differences between us, I still approach others as if they would have good reason to overlook my appearance and accept who I am on the inside and believe that to be the case the majority of the time. Growing up sensing that most people would rather be my friend rather than be my enemy, I still carry that sensibility with me ever after and it is mostly your fault.

To all the lovers I have had in my life (and yes I remember every one of you quite well), know that it is your fault that I believe myself to be beautiful and sexy despite the media's constant reminders of how unacceptably ugly I am. Despite my realistic understanding of how I am superficially viewed by society, I still believe myself to be attractive and worthy of love and lust anyway. Even on days when I look in the mirror and feel hideous, I remember some of you specificly and know my feelings are merely transitory flights of fancy that, although shared by society-at-large, ultimately do not matter to the people who are important. It is your fault that I care enough to wear nice clothes occasionally, put on makeup and parade about as if I am someone who makes others feel good just by being near. I blame you for my persistant belief in the individual nature of people's libidinous preferences. Even though society never fails to remind me of how I should lock myself away in shame and never expect love or sexual contact, I didn't and it is your fault.

To all the intimate relationships I have had in my life, (need I say it?) know that it is your fault that I expect courtesy and respect in every relationship I had after you. Despite the arguments, the tears, the broken hearts and the near-misses that we went through, I retained an immense measure of caring and love for each one of you that reamins to this day. It is your fault that I carry these friendships with me still despite having declared our intimacy to be finalized or cut-short. The fact that nearly all of your chose to remain friends with me, keep in touch with me and share yourselves with me in spite of our relationship "failings" convinced me then as now that good people sometimes cannot make an intimate relationship but that does not mean they cannot still be close. Because of all your attempts to help me grow and change, whether or not it worked and whether or not it helped our intimacy, I keep all of you in my heart and consider all of you people who are more than deserving of not only my love but all the goodness the universe has to offer. Because each of you has remained true to your word to love me despite our "break ups" I still believe that love holds fast whatever changes occur in a relationship. I would not be so happy to call you "friend" were it not for your ability to focus on our good ties, rather than the things that pulled us apart. I blame you for my ability to listen, grow and change after I should have stopped growing and changing. I especially blame you for my desire to do so with grace and love since you all were so understanding and patient with me whenever I was not being graceful or loving in my changes.

To my children and everyone in my extended family, know that it is your fault I believe in such things as loyalty and truth. Were it not for all of you constantly supporting me and helping me through everythign I have gone through, I would not be as secure and honest as I am. It is your fault I expect greatness of spirit and and ready to embrace failure as a lesson learned. Were it not for your ever-present belief in my ability to overcome obstacles and the security of knowing you were always there to help me pick up the pieces of a life gone awry, I would not be as grounded as I am today. It is your fault I am ready to accept defeat but keep on fighting, your fault I am happy to find new lessons in someone elses changes and your fault I reaffirm my own competance on a daily basis. You always believed in me, even when I was falling and because of you I am ever-ready to keep trying. You all taught me how to fight for what you want, what you believe and what you know is right. I would not be a paladin if it weren't for all of you showing me how to crusade and giving me reasons to crusade.

To my husband... not one lesson in my life compares to everything I have gained since being with you.

I used to say that I was lucky growing up... now I know that I just had "a life"; luck had nothing to do with it. All I received? It's all around and everywhere... just look for it and I bet you can find it too.
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If the children are not being truly harmed, then visitation is more of a wish than a necessity. If the children are being truly harmed, then change of custody is in order and I pray that is granted swiftly. No one has been able to explain how the child, parent and family will benefit from getting sued, psychoanalyzed, GAL appointment, child missing school, parent missing work, HRS visits, thousands of dollars that could be spent in the family, hours upon hours of stress, child’s sanity of home being challenged, martial strife from additional stress, forced mediation, and court room time. There is no US Constitutional backing, no Common Law backing, no Biblical backing, no research showing forced visitation is beneficial to the child and family, and no success stories. No one can explain it because there is no backing to the litigating grandparent’s argument but only feel good laws that trample on our families.

from Parents Rights Website

If you have any children and any strife with in-laws or parents, please be aware that this is real and happening all over the country (and some other countries too) and It could happen to you. Why? Because some old people aren't sweet, wise or loving. Some old people are evil controlling assholes.

And number two in the "boy that pisses me off to no end and I just gotta tell people how I feel"

Every time abortion surfaces in a big way (see: Alito's husband notification, South Dakota) we can look forward to twice as many articles about "men's reproductive rights," which for some reason vest in either their wallets or someone else's body and exist primarily to counter the biological unfairness of abortion. Let's all say it together: Child support has nothing to do with reproductive rights. Forcing someone to have an abortion or forcing someone to carry a pregnancy to term is the antithesis of reproductive rights.

Yes, you heard me. Men have no rights when it comes to women's pregnancies. Men are not owed extra privileges to make up for their lack of a uterus. Abortion rights must exist on their own; they are not tied to a man's ability to abandon his child nor are they predicated upon his paternal whims. If someone can please get this message through to all the editorial writers shitting in their pants over the prospect of women being able to regulate their own pregnancies without a man's permission, I'd be eternally grateful.
- lawlesslawyer

No shit girlfriend. A-fucking-(wo)men. (haha)

Get a clue MEN. It's not your fucking body and whether or not you like what I choose to do with it and whether or not you think I'm "going to hell" or WHAT-the-fuck-ever, it's real fucking simple: YOU don't carry the baby, YOU aren't expected to stop your whole life for it and YOU don't have to risk your health for it so YOU don't get to choose what happens and you WILL pay for what happens - baby or non-baby.

Unfair? You bet your ass. And when they figure out how to make man pregnant by rape, incest or sheer stupidity/neglect then perhaps you guys will quit crying about it.

I'm so glad that you guys think that birthing a baby is such an amazing, awe-inspiring thing that is right next to godliness. HOWEVER, as amazing as I might think writing your name in the snow is, I'm not trying to pass legislation that makes it MANDATORY for yu to do so whenever you take a piss. I'm not yammering on about how you are wasting god's precious gift and blah blah blah. I graciously allow you to make that choice yourself. But how do the pee feel about it? Huh? And masterbation, dear lord think of all the poor sperm you are wasting! Heaven help us but you are going against nature and god and evolution all at the same time! (how often does THAT happen?) I should push congress to out-law male masterbation (females don't lose any reproductive stuff when they masterbate so that is okay) to prevent any more of those poor poor sperm from being brutally denied their RIGHT to exist.
And snot! OMG think of the poor snot! There's bacteria in there that have a RIGHT to exist! Every covered sneeze prevents what could turn out to be the next massive plague and you are just cutting off it's chances to have a full life!
Oh my it's just tragic!

work rant

Jun. 13th, 2004 06:19 pm
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I got a migraine attack something fierce at work today. I came to work around 7am, but no one was there. Wha?? The manager finally drives up, hustles to the door and let's us both in. Just the two of us. Wha? Turns out the opening crew came to work on time, sans one person. That one person was the person who had the keys to open the door. The three who were left, called everyone they could but no one answered their phone. THey finally left and went to their respective homes. One person kept calling the manager until they finally woke him up. He came running to the store. I clocked in 15 minutes early to help him open the store. What is supposed to take about 30 minutes, we did in less than 5. Well actually, we didn't; he just opened the store before we were ready. As a result, we gave away about 4 litres of coffee because the cash register was not ready. Heaven forbid we should ask our precious customers to wait for their fucking coffee. Heaven forbid we just tell them to go up the the street to one of the other Starbuck's! There was a guy who sat in his car, waiting at least an hour, just to get his freakin Starbucks coffee!

I really mean it when I say, Starbuck's customers are the most spoiled people on the planet. They get away with murder in the store and have ridiculous expectations about how completely they want their ass kissed. Mind you, if you go into a Starbucks; unless you are polite, most of us behind that counter automatically think you are a big spoiled brat. Don't even start to defend yourself. If you can't be the least bit polite to the poor jerk standing behind that counter then you are just as spoiled as all the other rich assholes who come in to my particular store. I can't tell you how many people came in today who were so nice and understanding to me, while I moved around like a sloth, crippled by red-hot-pokers in my brain and blurred vision and nausea. But for every nice customer (most of whom are regulars) there had to be at least four or five people who were annoyed, snappish, rude and snobby to boot about how I was handling the situation. People can't even smile, what's up with that?! Even though I was actively thinking about just walking off and "fuck this stupid job!" I still managed to smile at every customer, be polite and courteous and give them what they wanted. Oh but I guess I forgot, I'm just a stupid peon who is obvioudly beneath the likes of the special golden Starbuck's customers. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to go home and cry myself to sleep in a darkened room but Starbuck policy is that unless you are at the emergency room, you are responsible for finding someone else to cover your shift. If you can't find someone, oh well too bad for you. Eventually, someone agreed to cover the last two hours of my shift, so I got to go home. But the last hour was torture... I really mean that. Every time I moved suddenly, new spikes of searing pain shot through my brain and neck. I was worried I would end up barfing on the counter in front of people.

One nap and lunch later and I think the worst is over. Yeah, my head is still pounding but after a while, you go ahead and do what you gotta do because it doesn't matter. Whether I lie down or sit up, read, write or watch a video, my head's going to feel the same, so I might as well do somethng pleasant. That's why I'm going to go dig up my old copies of Beavis and Butthead and watch them all.

This rant has been brought to you by the letter "F" and "u" and by the number "google"
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when you are in a relationship
and you love your woman
but you look at other women (I mean you're not dead)
do you ever think
"I wish my girlfriend looked like that"

cuz I'll tell you secret
women do that all the time.

and most women believe that men do it too.

Men don't seem to be insecure about their looks
...but women are.

So, anytime a man mentions looking/appreciating/lusting another woman, his girl thinks he's really wishing SHE looked the same and she hates that feeling.

...But I wonder if men really do think that way. Because that's not the same way women are thinking about it. Women generally wish their men looked better because of status, not for sexual appeal. Although sexual appeal has its place too, women usually want their men to look their best because they know they are being judged by the appeal of the man they "caught". As men like to have something lusty to look at, women like to have something prized to look at. Neither side can claim the other to be more superficial.

Do guys have any idea how much their women worry about the looks of their men?

"yall don't notice 'hints'"
(until we make it a proclamation in the fucking daily paper)

I quote com0rbid: subtlety works on every man...except the one you're directing it toward.

See, one thing women complain about A LOT is how their men "goes to pot" after a certain amount of time passes in the relationship yet he will still look at booby women and comment thereon.
...and she's thinking "what about YOU jackass?"

Am I just insensitive?
are women just WAAAAY more superficial than we think?

or are men just WAAAAY more sensitive to being criticized for their looks than they pretend to be?

What women, by and large, complain about is a man's looks going downhill because he isn't taking care of himself anymore; he doesn't seem to care.
When men are ogling other women, it's usually a young woman who is simply built in a fashion that the guys' girlfriends could never mirror.
So we feel that we are being compared by using an unfair yardstick but when we compare, we are using the yardstick of the man himself, i.e. what he looks like now, against what he looked like a couple of years ago.
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a recent post by [ profile] spoonfeeding got me thinking about le odeur de buttcrack.
be forewarned, this is graphic )


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